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Anita has risen to the forefront of the African broadcast industry to become a powerful Award Winning voice seasoned by experience as well as talent, and aimed at uplifting and inspiring women around the world.

After more than two decades in the broadcast industry doing everything from hosting television and radio shows to producing her own hit shows and even dipping into the world of corporate communications, she has acquired all her knowledge through hard work and resilience.

In 2016, Ms Erskine attracted global giant CNN to feature her inspiring ambition and powerful accomplishments. has been widely celebrated for her efforts and contributions to Africa’s Broad-casting landscape, her commitment to Women’s Empowerment and Girls Education and issues concerning Maternal Health


Born in Jerusalem in 1978, Anita grew up in Ghana and began to display a passion for stage pres-ence at the early age of nine when she started singing, dancing and reciting poems during school events first during her primary education at Christ The King School and then Ghana International School for her secondary education. By 13, she knew she was destined for a career in Communi-cations and spent her holidays volunteering in television and radio stations all over Accra.

In 1999, She temporarily migrated to Canada to pursue her post-secondary education and ob-tained a BA in Cultural Studies at Trent University. After an internship at Canada’s first black-owned urban radio station, Flow 93.5FM, Erskine finally began her journey on the path of her chosen career by working as an administrative assistant and then becoming an on–air host after a few years.

Moving back to Ghana in 2006, Anita Erskine knocked on many doors. One door that opened and generously ushered back onto the broadcasting scene was TV3, which offered her a hosting job on the hit music reality show, Mentor. It is easy to say that Mentor gave Anita the platform to showcase her natural passion for music, lifestyle and live television programming. in 2007, she auditioned to be the host of the award winning MNET show, Studio 53. Booming Ghana’s cor-respondent to Studio 53, meant Anita had a carte blanche to travel across the continent and ab-sorb the rich culture, heritage, tradition and promise that Africa had in store.


Anita’s role as the Ghanaian Correspondent and Producer for Studio 53 equipped her with a firm grasp of the fast-paced and often challenging demands of TV production and programming in Africa while allowing her to travel across West Africa to discover a wealth of inspirational Afri-can success stories.
After three years of showcasing positive African stories on Studio 53, Anita began to develop enviable list of TV shows that each fired up her strong affinity for television. In 2012, with a fruitful partnership offered her by Ifactory Live, Anita started a whole new journey in television with the award winning productions, Pamper Your Mum Making of a Mogul and cooking with. Shortly after, she added Viasat 1’s The One Show and Discovery Learning Alliance’s Discovery +233.

Today, Sheroes of Our Time, Erskine’s ode to the authentic and original stories of the 21st Afri-can Woman around the World, airs on Fox Life.

In 2013 she made a returned to her first love, radio, with a position as the co-host of Starr FM’s flagship show, Starr Drive with Bola Ray and then Giovani Caleb. She left Starr FM in 2017 to pursue her TV career more forcefully.

In the midst of her excitingly challenging career as a TV host, in 2009, Anita decided to go be-hind the scenes to further develop her business and technical knowledge of TV production. Vi-asat 1, Ghana’s leading entertainment channel, presented that unique opportunity by providing Anita with a producer consultancy position that would require her to build bespoke TV shows and content for the channel’s growing viewership. The programs she oversaw included The One Show, Runs in the Family, News, Jamming Spot and UEFA Champions League. Her leadership of the team and their combined efforts, contributed greatly to Viasat 1 becoming one of the most watched TV networks in Ghana today.


Anita Erskine’s versatility, wit and infectious positive attitude towards life allows her the power to touch her audience on an emotional level and pull them in even when on stage. Her services as a bilingual compère are often sought after by some of Africa’s most reputable companies and brands, including Nestlé, Vlisco, Ecobank Transnational, Surfline, Unilever, Vodafone, Fidelity Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and The Government of Ghana, to name a few.


Anita Erskine Holdings is the holding company for Anita Erskine Media, and Namandla Com-munications.


Women’s Elevation Fund is an NGO that facilitates the realization of Dreams, Aspiration and Ambition of Young African Women and furnish them with the requisite tools that allow them to be competitive. Beneficiaries of this fund are between the ages of 12 and 40. WEF provides scholarships and educational bursaries for outstanding female students and career guidance for young women from underserved communities across Africa.

GirlForce is a Social Impact platform for Girls between the ages of 10 and 18 created by Award Winning Broadcaster and Womens Advocate, Anita Erskine. Through a specially crafted series of engaging workshops, interactive games, key learning discussions, team building assignments, skills training sessions and community impact work, GirlForce teaches Girls to understand the importance of their role and the need to apply their skills to help accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 in their various countries.


The true highlight of Anita’s focus, is using her personality to motivate, inspire and encourage more girls and women in Africa to go after their dreams!
Through a variety of organizations often calling for her to speak at their seminars and confer-ences, Anita is also able to meet young African Women and Girls face to face – a platform which allows them to get to know, understand and appreciate the importance of dreaming big and fol-lowing it up with effort.


Anita Erskine is simply a woman who wants to use her talents, gifts, skills and passion to help build Africa. Yes, she is an accomplished broadcaster but she also believes in the bigger picture. This picture involved her using her strong and deep love for her continent, which she believes has so much potential, to bring hope to young Ghanaian girls either by motivating them to work hard, inspiring them to believe in themselves or assisting them financially when they have no where else to turn. There are many grounds to cover, but she is adamant that “her” girls and women are the most important for now.